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What if I stop receiving court ordered child support?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Family Law |

If you have an existing court approved child support agreement in place, what are you supposed to do if the other parent suddenly stops paying? Many states, including Florida, have laws specifically around this type of problem, and they provide the states with ways to enforce a child support order. If the state does not have an enforcement mechanism, what is to stop anyone from deciding they would rather not make their child support payments? Florida gives several options if you need assistance with receiving child support payments.

One option is the Department of Revenue

Florida law delegates an enforcement agency for enforcing child support orders. State law gives this agency the ability to interact with other state and federal agencies to have an enforcement mechanism for the missing child support payments. You can apply with the Florida Department of Revenue for assistance directly.

What if I need assistance?

If you need assistance with enforcing child support orders outside of applying with the Department of Revenue, you may also benefit from contacting an attorney who can initiate legal proceedings to a family court to seek a judgment. You may also represent yourself in a similar legal proceeding. As a side note, if you are the party who is struggling to make child support payments due to a change in your financial picture, you can also benefit from asking an attorney’s advice in modifying an existing order or you can represent yourself.

The takeaway

The essential thing to consider is whether you are a party who is not receiving your court ordered child support payments, or you are the party who cannot pay due to extenuating circumstances. You do not have to endure this financial struggle alone. You can ask for help from a family law attorney, who will advocate for your needs. The child support orders are granted by the Treasure Coast family law courts for the best interest of your child or children, but these courts understand that both spouses’ lives are not static.