Understanding Child Support

Child support comes into the picture when parents are separated or divorced. The law expects both parents to care for their children. Parental responsibilities and time sharing make up one dimension of child rearing — determining where children will live, which parent will care for them most of the time and how decisions will be made for them. Child support is another dimension and it translates to money one parent may be expected to pay the other every month.

Time sharing by parents and child support may be related, but they are separate issues. Whether you receive or pay child support will be determined by a number of factors, including how much time your children spend with you, but more importantly, the amount of your income and the other parent’s income. A Florida state calculator will take these and other issues into account to deliver a dollar figure that one of you should pay the other if you are separated or divorced. Consult with an attorney at The Gufford Law Firm, P.A., to learn more.

Things To Keep In Mind

Every family’s circumstances are unique and deserve careful analysis when child support is under consideration. As you approach the legal processes leading to a child support order, bring these details to the attention of your family law attorney:

  • What is your income and what is the other parent’s income?
  • Does either of you also care for additional children beyond the child(ren) you share between the two of you?
  • Does either of you have fluctuating income because of self-employment, seasonal employment or working in industries where the pay is variable?
  • Does your child have special needs?
  • What will child care cost if it is needed?

Our lawyers can prepare you for the legalities associated with child support, including cautions and warnings. For example, child support cannot be wiped out through bankruptcy. It may be up for modification if one or both parents’ financial situations change significantly.

What If He Or She Doesn’t Pay As Required?

Falling behind in child support is a serious matter. If you are paying child support, talk with an attorney if you are at risk of being unable to meet your obligation to explore options. If you receive child support for your child(ren) and the other parent stops paying, our law firm can help you with enforcement actions.

Whatever your situation or concerns regarding parental responsibilities, time sharing and/or child support, we will gladly discuss your case and advise you on the most expedient and reasonable path to resolution while protecting your child’s best interests. Call 772-221-1922 or send an email inquiry through this website to request a consultation with an attorney at The Gufford Law Firm, P.A..