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How should you prepare for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Divorce |

If you are a Florida resident who is ending your marriage, you will need to prepare for the process. Consider your options, make a plan, gather documents and evidence and maintain a low profile in preparation for the divorce.

Consider your options

When you and your spouse decide to dissolve the marriage, you will need to consider your options. While you can and might have to end up in court, fighting it out with your spouse might not be your best option, financially or emotionally. You can consider other options such as collaborative divorce, where you work with a team of experts to help you solve marriage issues, or mediation, where you work with a neutral third party to reach an agreement in things such as division of property, child custody and financial support.

Make a plan

You will need to know where you are headed. In preparation, you should plan for the future. This should include a budget so you know what your future expenses will be and what you need to live. During this time you should think about the costs of child care and children’s education as well as any other expenses that will impact your financial status.

Gather documents and evidence

As you prepare to start divorce negotiations; you will want to list your and your spouse’s income, all your assets and debts, and gather documents and evidence. Some of this documentation includes:

• Recent pay stubs or bank statements that show income
• Property titles and real estate appraisals
• Savings and investment accounts numbers, passwords, and statements
• Credit card account statements
• Life insurance policies
• Mortgages

As you prepare for divorce, you should also avoid situations that might reflect negatively on you, as those could be used against you in court. Be on model behavior, avoid social media and attempt to keep very strict records of your spending, which can also become evidence.