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Domestic violence can leave psychological scars

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law |

Domestic violence often involves horrific physical abuse targeted at a spouse, child, parent, or partner. Victims of domestic violence in Florida might file charges against the person inflicting harm, and the courts could sentence the person to an appropriate punishment. However, a victim might suffer from mental and emotional trauma derived from the abuse. Without psychological counseling, a domestic violence survivor might never overcome the mental effects.

Psychological trauma after domestic violence incidents

Physical abuse might leave someone with severe injuries, ones that heal over time. The psychological impact of violence may leave the victim and witnesses to assaults suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Quality of life may then suffer, and building positive relationships could prove incredibly challenging.

Anxiety and depression could be common among survivors of domestic violence. Self-esteem may suffer, and the person may deal with a range of other anxious/depressive behaviors, including insomnia and substance abuse problems. Again, counseling from a mental health professional could be necessary to overcome these issues.

Dealing with domestic violence

Seeking a restraining order might be necessary to put distance between the abused and the abuser. The court would surely require proof of abusive behavior to issue a protective order, and the other party will have a chance to respond to the allegations. Persons accused of crimes, including domestic violence, have rights. However, a temporary order may be issued until a hearing commences.

Matters related to domestic violence may factor into divorce hearings and child custody proceedings. A family court would doubtfully place a child in the care of a parent known for being abusive.

Spousal relationships are not the only ones that may involve domestic violence. Regardless of the parties’ relationship with one another, domestic violence statutes may apply. Once a victim becomes free of the situation, it may become possible to start the healing process.