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The causes of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law |

Domestic violence and abuse often take the form of an escalating pattern of violence, and the result could be criminal charges for the instigator as well as a restraining order. There are many factors that can lead to domestic violence in Florida. It’s important to be aware of them and keep an eye out for any signs of violence to come.

What causes domestic violence?

Like most crimes, domestic violence arises from a mix of factors operating on different levels. For example, there are societal factors like economic downturns that can create stress in a home, which may lead to domestic violence. There are also varying levels of cultural expectations and understanding about domestic violence, which can affect how families experience it.

There are also local and individual factors, like mental illness, drug and alcohol use, emotional instability and others. None of these on its own is enough to lead to domestic violence, and there are many people who experience them without engaging in family or partner abuse. That is part of what makes it so hard to predict. The combination of the effect of these influences on a particular person’s experience and situation might be what pushes them over the line. One thing is certain: A very strong predictor of future domestic violence is past domestic violence.

Being prepared

There’s no one single indicator that works perfectly to let you know when domestic violence is coming. It’s a mix of knowledge of the person and knowledge of the environment that shapes that person’s actions. By understanding the potential factors and how they apply to your situation, you can be ready and know how to handle it.