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Statistics show uptick in domestic violence amid health crisis

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law |

Domestic violence is an unfortunate problem in Florida and across the United States. For people who are victimized, there often seems as if there is no way out. In other cases, there are false accusations made and people find themselves facing criminal charges and disfavor in the community. While these incidents can happen at any time, there are circumstances that make it more likely. Given the unusual situation with the ongoing health crisis, there has been a statistical spike in domestic violence allegations. This makes it exceedingly important for victims and those accused to understand their legal rights.

Domestic violence rose by more than 8% nationwide

People have needed to grow accustomed to long stretches at home, working remotely and having children attend school over the internet. Although Florida has not been as stringent in its lockdown orders, there were still extended periods of staying in the residence. Researchers say that the yearlong pandemic resulted in a rise of 8.1% in domestic violence incidents across the U.S. Before the lockdowns, the previous two decades had shown a decline in domestic violence, so it is assumed that people needing to stay home led to tensions and the exacerbation of issues that sparked domestic incidents or increased their frequency.

The inherent challenges with the societal changes contributed mightily to the uptick as people lost their jobs, there was a financial crunch and life generally became more stressful. Abused people were believed to have been trapped in the home with nowhere to go and financial limitations stopping them from moving elsewhere. Experts say that the numbers might not even be fully accurate because being locked away with an allegedly abusive spouse or partner precluded many from seeking help.

Seeking assistance with domestic violence issues is key

While it can be intimidating and worrisome to take that difficult step and seek help to escape domestic violence, it is important to realize that it is unlikely to resolve itself and might even get worse. Despite the health crisis, there are avenues available to be protected including a restraining order or an injunction. On the other hand, although these cases are undoubtedly serious, it does not mean they are true. People who are wrongfully accused of domestic violence also have the right to legal help to clear their name and avoid the personal and legal penalties that may come with a domestic violence charge. For assistance, contacting legal professionals experienced in all areas of these cases regardless of the perspective can be imperative.