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New Florida law gives support to survivors of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Family Law |

For many individuals who are the victims of domestic violence, the idea of getting away from their perpetrator often seems unrealistic. In serious cases, their efforts could be life-threatening. While lawmakers in Florida are pushing for changes to be made, there is a lot of progress that is still left when it comes to protecting and empowering people who have been affected by domestic violence.

A relatively recent change to Florida law is a step in the right direction by providing unemployment benefits to Floridians who had to unexpectedly leave their job to relocate or escape because of domestic violence. While lawmakers acknowledged that a victim’s willingness and bravery to leave their abusive partner is not always a guarantee that they are safe, they hope that this moderate change to a single law will help provide support in an area that is often affected by relationship abuse.

Often, the process of leaving an abusive partner requires victims to create a secretive plan for getting away without compromising their safety and well-being. Depending on their situation, it may be difficult or impossible for them to retain their current job because they have to quickly relocate somewhere else. The supplementary support provided by temporary unemployment benefits will hopefully provide a new start for people looking to put their traumatic past behind them. Violence committed against an intimate partner can take on many forms including psychological harm, physical abuse and sexual violence.

If people are recovering from having been the victim or an abusive relationship, an attorney may be able to provide help. A supportive legal professional may be able to help victims to receive some compensation for what they have endured.

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