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Are there signs that a divorce might be in your future?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Divorce |

Each year in Florida there are thousands of couples who decide to take the life-altering step of filing for divorce. In most cases, there is no denying the impact a divorce can have on your life, especially if the marriage has lasted for years, or even decades. For some couples, the prospect of a divorce creeps up on them over time. For others, a sudden event makes divorce seem inevitable. Are there signs in your relationship that a divorce might be in your future?

Predictive behavior

According to a recent news article, there are several signs to be on the lookout for in your marriage that may be indicators of a potential divorce coming down the line. For starters, the recent article mentioned that one sign of a major problem in a marriage is when the partners “work against” each other. This means that they start to see each other as the opposition, as opposed to actual partners.

Next, the article mentioned a lack of communication, and how this can be borne from a build-up of resentment. Another sign is when couples simply stop spending time together – they stop planning vacations, talking about joint hobbies or even socializing together. Yet another sign might be when people start to see the potential solution to all of their marriage problems as something that cannot be found within the relationship – but it can be found outside of the relationship, such as filing for divorce.

You may want to seek professional help

No two marriages are the same and, consequently, no two divorce cases are the same. The reasons for divorce are quite varied. However, when it comes to the legal issues that need to be decided in a divorce case, there can be commonality across cases. Whatever the reason for your divorce, attempting to put aside emotion and deal with the legal issues can help soon-to-be ex-spouses get the case behind them and move on with life.