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Is divorce mediation right for you?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2020 | Divorce |

Before beginning the mediation process, you should understand the benefits and weaknesses so you know if this path will be a good step. 

You might pursue divorce mediation if you want a peaceful divorce. According to MoneyCrashers.com, you and your spouse usually work with a mediator to identify a divorce agreement that works for both of you. The mediator provides a neutral environment for you to resolve the end of your marriage. 

Is mediation the right path for your family?  

This step may not work for every couple. If you and your spouse have been at loggerheads, a mediator may be able to help you identify your priorities. If you are not willing to communicate and compromise, though, the mediation process may not work. Mediation may also not be a good solution if you experienced abuse in your marriage. Additionally, a mediator may be unable to help if addiction is a factor in your divorce. 

What are the benefits?  

As you sit down to discuss your situation, you and your spouse may learn to communicate better. This enhanced communication may be helpful if you and your spouse have children. Additionally, your divorce proceedings may take less time if you work out a good agreement with your mediator. Mediation may also help decrease the emotional impact of the divorce because you may feel less animosity toward your spouse. 

One of the advantages of mediation is that it helps you keep your eyes on the big picture of your life after divorce. If you and your spouse are able to work together to find the right solution for your family, then mediation may be a good option.