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Domestic violence: why divorce is in the best interest of the child

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Divorce, Family Law |

During divorce considerations, you may think about your children as a top reason to stay with your spouse. After all, children often have difficulty adjusting to split families. Very Well Family explains how children can experience confusion, frustration and may suffer from stress and anxiety after a divorce. In a home where domestic violence is normal, children do not fare better. Children do need time and patience to handle the struggles of divorce, but they can adjust with your help. Attention to their feelings, to routine and consistency can ease the adjustment. 

Some believe that to stay with an abusive spouse will spare their children the turmoil of a divorce. Not only is this dangerous for you, but it does not provide a stable environment for your child. Domestic violence is difficult to shield. Children witness the arguments, the resentment and the violence. Parents cannot tend to the best interests of their children in a violent environment. 

Children who have a home free of violence are calmer. They learn to cope with a new, happy environment faster than to years of arguments and violence. According to Huffington Post, when you do not put your needs first or choose personal happiness, you teach your child that this is how adulthood works. Your child will not know to pursue happiness or that it is important. 

When you are happy, it can affect your child. To rid yourself of an abusive partner and to live a stable life will have the biggest impact. It may take time for your child to understand divorce, but happiness is contagious in a household.