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Marchman Act And Baker Act

Drug and alcohol abuse has a profound impact on families in South Florida. The Florida Marchman Act was created to provide relief to individuals in the throes of addiction and the families who care for them. At The Gufford Law Firm, P.A., we assist families with Marchman Act petitions and represent individuals who have been submitted for treatment.

For Families

If your loved one has lost control over his or her life as a result of alcohol or drug abuse, you can petition the court to intervene. Through a Marchman Act petition, you can help your loved one get long-term treatment for his or her addiction. If your loved one fails to comply with the court order, he or she could face serious consequences. Once the court has ordered your loved one to enter treatment, he or she must complete the treatment and demonstrate sobriety and stability.

For Individuals

Though the Marchman Act helps many people regain their health, sometimes these petitions are abused. If you believe that you have been unjustifiably forced to enter treatment, our lawyers can represent you.

Florida Mental Health Act

Baker Acts, or involuntary mental health evaluations, are also sometimes abused by family members. If you have been subject to an involuntary mental health examination, the attorneys at The Gufford Law Firm, P.A., can help you.

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